Saturday, January 6, 2007

Ah clothes

My bedroom is in a state of disarray right now. Suitcases, clothing, space bags, books, shoes, purses, and one sleeping cat are scattered all around my room. I'm in the midst of packing. I knew this would be hard; parting with my clothes for six months is difficult. The good news is--they all fit in my two suitcases. The bad news is nothing else will--not shoes, not toiletries, not books, not anything.
So I have no choice--I have to make some cuts, and this is hard for me because I really love clothes. (It really doesn't help that I went to Old Navy today to buy one pair of pants, and I came out with that, another pair to keep it company, a handful of shirts and a sweater) Right now I have a "no" pile and an increasingly large "I'd really love to take it if there's room" pile. I'll butch up in the end, and at least I'll spend the next six months only wearing clothes that look absolutely fabulous on me.

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