Saturday, January 20, 2007

If I were a nineteenth century lady, I think I wouldn't mind getting married in this dress. Apparently, the folks at the Victoria and Albert Muesem think the same way, because the curator gave this dress its own case. It is beautiful.
Sorry there are no new pics of Leicester, this is from my trip to the Victoria and Albert on Monday. Sadly, I've been immersed in international student orientation for the last two days. I spent hour after hour in session after session about one thing or another. It was defintely information overload. It was just plain boring. But orientation is over now, and I'm all official, registered and ready to start school next week.
Now it's Saturday night, and unfortunately I'm sitting here alone in my room listening to music and writing my blog because I have a cold. Too bad too, there's supposed to be some big party tonight. Well, I'm sure it's not the last. A healthy chunk of the study abroad students here at Leicester are under 21. They're pretty excited to drink legally, so I'm pretty sure they'll be having other parties in the not too distant future. Since I've been over 21 for eight years, it's not so new and exciting.

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