Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Does the universe hate me that much?

I really hate being stressed out, and I had hoped that my time here would be relatively stress free, but no. Last week, I discovered that the English dept had given me a 1302 to teach during Summer I. That's great, I love teaching, and I'm glad to have the opportunity to do it this summer. However, I made my travel plans before I knew about the teaching job. I was supposed to take a course, or module as the Brits call it, during the summer term. Of course I can't take this module if I'm going to come home and teach. I don't need another course--I only needed six more hours for my thirty hours to complete my coursework. I have two options--to take a third module during the spring term, or chuck the third module altogether. Personally, I'd prefer option two. With my incompletes from the fall, I have enough papers to write already. I'm not eager to add yet another to the mix. However, if I chuck the third module completely, I'll have to return part of my IEFS scholarship. If I take the third module, I'll have to pay UTA even more tuition for this semester. Either way, it's going to cost me money--and this is all dependent on whether or not the University of Leicester study abroad office is okay with me taking only two courses. Apparently no one works there on Monday and Tuesday, so I won't know anything until tomorrow morning. No matter what, university administration, university rules, and bureaucratic university issues keep kicking me in the ass and costing me money I don't really have, and everything here is incredibly expensive thanks to the crappy exchange rate.

Okay done venting, I'm just frustrated. I just want to teach 1302--and I will.

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