Tuesday, January 23, 2007


At about midnight tonight, I was sitting in my room nice and cozy chatting on the phone and I hear the call--it's snowing. Most of the residents of Gilbert Murray Stamford halls were outside of their respective houses living it up and playing in the snow. Apparently, it doesn't snow in England that much. American television and film depicting England in the winter has lied to us. This is the biggest snow storm they've had in quite some time. I can see why the Brits were out playing too. Coming from a warmish locale myself, I was pretty excited. The ground is covered in a beautiful thick layer of snow.


Shelly said...

Have you made a snowman yet? It was one of the first things Joey did with Ethan and Logan when we went to Illinois last February. It was so much fun to play in real snow!

Barbi said...

No, no snowmen, but we did throw some snowballs.