Thursday, January 25, 2007

Class Two

My Victorian Literature Culture and Class was yesterday. Like my last class, it was composed entirely of women, but this class was a little younger than my other one. Everyone was really nice. There are two other Americans, who are there for the year as regular students, and the rest of the girls are all British. It was really nice meeting some people who are closer to my own age, and I hope we'll all become friends.
When class began, all of the lecturers conducting this module were there, and we briefly went over what was expected of us this semester. There' a presentation (and really, I'm beginning to think that no graduate level class would be complete without a presentation of some sort), and the standard seminar length paper.
The class itself seems like it's really going to be interesting. We're reading a ton of stuff I've never even heard of, which is good because I want to read and discuss new things--broadening the mind and that kind of thing.
And now I'm done with class for the week. I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with myself. I'm sure some sort of reading/writing paper type work will be involved, but I'm certainly not going to stay holed up in my room reading the whole time. The sun is actually shining today, so I want to get out enjoy a little of that.

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