Thursday, January 18, 2007

Cheap thrills

This beauty here is called the paternoster, and it's absolutely fabulous. The building I'm in at when I'm taking this picture, Attenborough, is very tall, and it only has one elevator. To make up for it, the architects or some person wonderful added this little gem. It's a group of small cabins, like you see on the right, that are constantly in motion. One side of the paternoster goes up and the other side goes down. There are no doors and it doesn't stop; you just hop on and hop off. I speak from recent personal experience that you have to step on at just the right time or you can fall into the paternoster (when it's going down at least). It's like a cheap Disneyland ride. Of course there would never be something as fun as this in the US because someone would sue. And really I can't convey the fun of the paternoster in this blog, and the picture certainly doesn't do it justice. So if any of you come to visit me in England, we'll just have to run on down to Attenborough building and take a quick ride on the paternoster. Fortunately for me I'm going to have class in this building, so I'll get to experience the paternoster on the regular basis. I'm not being sarcastic when I say, lucky me.

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