Tuesday, January 16, 2007

I finally started to feel better yesterday, so I could finally get out and take a nice long ramble around West London and do some sightseeing. After a wonderfully mediocre lunch at Pizza Hut (at least it was cheap!) I walked to the Victoria and Albert Museum. They have a wonderful collection with lots of really cool stuff, but they had a really great exhibit of period clothing. I think the part of my mind that misses all of the really great clothes I had to leave behind was at home here. Here's a picture of my favorite dress:

Yes, I'm enduring a painful separation from my beloved clothes, About twenty minutes before I left the airport, I decided that I should only carry one suitcase. All of the clothes and things I had spent days carefully packing and organizing were suddenly in a giant pile on the floor of my bedroom. Good thing though, dragging that mammoth thing across London, its train stations, airports, and the underground is not an experience I want to repeat. I'm shipping some of this stuff home before I leave, I don't care how much it costs. However, I consolidated my suitcases so quickly that I didn't realize that I didn't bring a lot of stuff that I needed. Somehow, I ended up with only two pairs of shoes and no skirts or dresses. Fortunately, my mom has graciously agreed to ship some of my stuff to me (and even better, I don't have to pay her back for shipping).

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