Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Crazy for Ghost Whisperer.

I have a sudden and inexplicable love of Ghost Whisperer.  I mean, I can't watch it enough.  Perhaps it's Jennifer Love Hewitt's crazy (but completely and totally awesome) clothes.

If only I had Melinda Gordon's chutzpah.  I could look this fabulous on an everyday basis.  And that would be pretty darn awesome. 

Thursday, June 25, 2009

My "Boyfriends"

For some time now, I've had boyfriends" for different genres. For example:
  • Movie boyfriend: Daniel Craig
  • TV boyfriend: David Tennant
These two boyfriends were chosen because of their sexy hotness. However, a recent talk with a friend of mine has inspired me to widen both my genres and specifications. So I now have a poet boyfriend: Robert Browning. Yes, he's been dead for more than a century, but he wrote some really awesome poetry. How can you not like "My Last Duchess"? My novel boyfriend would be Mr. Darcy--well, because he's Mr. Darcy. Anyone who's read Pride and Prejudice would understand this. I think my options with this are endless. It's fun, and much less work than an actual relationship.