Thursday, October 13, 2011

Further evidence that I am enormously nerdy and geeky.

Today on Facebook, Geek Chic Daily posted an image from New York Comic Con. You can see a picture of it here: There are lots of cool things on it, but in the right hand corner is Jem. Jem! Naturally, I was super extra excited at the thought of the reissue of Jem dolls because I love me some Jem. So I sent this email to a friend who loves Jem just as much as I do:
Jem needs to have a presence in the hot pink corner of my office, and this could make that possible! I can see it now: Jem and Barbie (of Barbie and the Rockers fame) can be fabulous and hot pink together with Bubbles and the doll with the hot pink hair and fish net stockings that I found at a gas station. They can play concerts to the wall of action figures and my sci-fi Mr Potatohead collection. Wow. My half of the office is pretty darn geeky. And I love it SO MUCH.