Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Universe really really hates me now.

I haven't posted anything lately because I haven't done anything terribly interesting. I've been pretty sick the last two weeks. I've been stuck in my room for days, so the most exciting thing I've done is read Lady Audley's Secret and swoon over Paul Bettany in Wimbledon.
Unfortunately I had a relapse of some sort today, so I'm starting to get sick all over again. I've made numerous pitiful phone calls to my mother, who is a saint to listen to me whine and complain about how much my throat hurts. I'm trying to look on the bright side though. Being stuck in my room so much means that when I'm awake I can get lots of reading done. I figure I can get quite a bit of my reading done well before my classes next week. And my mom is always there to listen to my pitiful complaints. It's always nice to have a sympathetic ear, especially when I'm so far away from home.

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